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Home is Where You Left It

Momservation: Your room is still your room. But your closet is mine now. I finally got my walk-in closet. I walk in to your room to get my clothes.

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“Now that the kids are gone, do you think you guys will move?”

That is the most common question we hear as Empty Nesters. It’s almost as if there is a parenting manual I’ve missed somewhere that says:

Step 1. Raise kids. Try not to f*ck them up.

Step 2. Once they are moved out of house, change the locks.

Step 3. If that doesn’t work, move before they can move back.

To be honest, it has never occurred to Hubby and I to move once the kids established new homes. Last time we checked, everyone who lived in this house had a pretty good experience and we all agreed we should regularly meet and do it again.

Like maybe for Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter if you’re around, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays if you can make it, or sometime in the summer for some favorite traditions. No worries if you have school or work or other commitments. You know where we live. Door’s always open.

Isn’t that the way it used to work—Home is where the heart is; You can always count on home? Unless it sold in a bidding war and everyone’s gotta come pick up their sh*t because there’s no room for it in the new condo and the spare bedroom is Mom’s home gym with the cat’s litter box.

No thanks.

Moving and starting over somewhere new once the kids left just doesn’t fit for us. Mainly because I think one of the reasons our kids were so confident in their leap out into the world is because they knew they could always count on home being right where they left it. A home landing pad no matter where the winds of change blew them.

No one told us the house we picked to raise our family was only good for 18 years and 300,000 miles of carpooling, family vacations, hot laps to school, sports, friend’s houses and Costco. This baby is a classic. With a great neighborhood, yard with pool, rec-room and tons of experience hosting get-togethers this home is still going strong, ready for significant others and expanding families.

Plus, Hubby’s got his work here, we’ve got our friends and family here, and we’ve finally got the house all to ourselves. Swimsuits optional, baby! This party isn’t over just because it turned into Adult Swim. It’s just getting started.

And not started as in starting over somewhere new just when the going got substantially easier. I mean, we have extra bedrooms and nowhere we have to be and only our own socks and underwear to wash.

Who’s in for Taco Tuesday and trying to figure out if Costco or Trader Joe’s makes the best sangria?

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