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How Letting Go Gave Author Kelli Wheeler Freedom in Midlife – by Kelli M. Wheeler

“I’ve always been a competitive person. In elementary school, I had to finish first, get an A+, and outrun any game of tag. This evolved into more as I grew older. I needed to be the first in line, in the fastest lane, the girl who knew the most about sports, the woman who could shut down any debate.

I thought this was who I was. I’m here on this earth to compete. I always saw it as a positive trait. I was praised and rewarded for my overachiever tendencies.

But then, I got a reality check.”

How 15-Year-Old Author Kate Ainley-Zoll Is Bolstering Women in STEM with Her New Book “Portraits of Perseverance” – by Kelli M. Wheeler

“Kate was waiting for our interview in the tiny house she built in her parent’s backyard. She was dressed professionally for a 15-year-old: turtleneck with a black blazer and black slacks. There she sat at her painted plywood desk. Homemade lemonade and Thin Mint cookies, fresh from her Girl Scout cookie inventory, were set out in front of her.”

Not So Happy With the State of the World? You Can Change Things for the Better—Here’s Where to Start. – by Kelli M. Wheeler

“Imagine if we all decided to change our little corner of the world for the better in any way we could, with even the simplest gestures. I wonder what it would look like?

I’ve always been a sit-in-the-front-of-the-classroom type person, eager to raise my hand and take a shot at the answers. I also have little patience for people who sit around and make suggestions but who don’t step up and make a decision.”

Five Simple Ways to Give the Gift Everyone Wants – by Kelli M. Wheeler

“Every Christmas my family would try to come up with the perfect gift for our beloved mother/grandmother/great-grandmother. By the time she was in her 80s, she had collected it all: candles, framed pictures, cozy slippers and blankets, even high-tech gadgets like a Kindle, massage chair, and Bose headphones—gifts we thought would make her life a little easier.”

What Do You Want Your Corner of the World to Look Like? – by Kelli M. Wheeler

“It began because of my anxiety about becoming an Empty Nester. I was being designated for reassignment because my oldest had just returned to college and my youngest was about to be installed in her dorm room. I was going to miss the rewarding job of actively raising kids.

I also felt overwhelmed by the climate of hate and intolerance that was poisoning the country I loved. People’s fear of change was causing children to be locked in cages, parishioners to be gunned down in churches and hate groups to become the loudest and most influential voice at the table.”

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