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Hawthorne Street Press

Established in 2010, Hawthorne Street Press was my answer to creative control and maximization of profits for the book establishing my Momservations® brand, Momservations®, The Fine Print of Parenting.

Named after the street my grandmother lived on in Monterey, California and where priceless family memories were made, Hawthorne Street Press, at the time, was more a nod to the love and support my grandmother always gave me than a publishing house.

Ten years later, during the pandemic and the boom of online shopping, along with publishing trends pivoting away from traditional publishing, I decided to once again self-publish. This time it was my collection of Momservations® “greatest hits,” Don’t Forget Your Lunch, Diapers to Diploma Parenting Wisdom, through my Hawthorne Street Press imprint, using Amazon as my printer and distributor.

There used to be a wonderful resource for my Writing Your Memoir students in Sacramento, where they could publish their completed manuscripts extremely affordably through the Sacramento Downtown Library. I Street Press, run by the wonderful Gerry Ward, unfortunately, became a victim of the pandemic.

In trying to find an affordable solution for my writing students to publish their memoirs, I realized the answer was in front of us the whole time: Hawthorne Street Press.

Starting in 2022, HSP has now published two titles from Writing Your Memoir students:
A Shy Farm Girl Travels the World, And Gets a Real Education, by Joan Dornan
Opening Curtains, Letting in the Light to Find my Path to Love, Music and Fulfillment, by Margo Scandella

Coming Soon from Hawthorne Street Press:
Lady Leader Leaves a Lasting Legacy, From the Cotton Patch to the Pentagon and Beyond, By Alice Astafan, Major General, USAF Ret.
Risk to Rise, by Barbara Killeen
My Quiet Strength, By Esta Wiederanders
Unlocking the Cage, Becoming My Authentic Self, By Carol Loew

My favorite part of becoming a publisher is seeing the tears of joy when my students hold their published books in their hands for the first time.

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