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What's your story to tell? Join students locally from Sacramento, nationally and internationally, in person or via Zoom, and let me give you tools and guidance to create a legacy.

As an award-winning family columnist for 16 years, author of two books, writer for former California First Lady, Maria Shriver, and current contributor to Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, let me help you tell your story — and help you publish it!

Starting as a class offering at a local senior center in Sacramento, Writing Your Memoirs has blossomed into an affordable, international class via Zoom — so you can join our 1-hr, once weekly class from anywhere.

Through guided journaling and writing exercises, over the last six years I have guided dozens of novice writers toward their goal of creating something of value for themselves, their family and eager readers. Nine of my students have self-published their books with four more coming soon.

I will be offering an in-person class again this fall.

  • In-person Write Your Memoirs class will be on Tuesdays from 9-10am at Gibbons Community Center, 4701 Gibbons Drive, starting September 5, 2023.
  • Online Beginning Writing Your Memoirs class will be via Zoom on Thursdays from 9-10:15am starting September 7, 2023.
  • Online Continuing Writing Your Memoirs class will be via Zoom on Thursdays from 10:30-11:45am starting September 7, 2023.

I limit classes to 30 students.
All classes are $30 a month (September 2023 through May 2024).
Check back in August for registration through Mission Oaks Recreation and Park District.

Books written in Writing Your Memoirs Class, published by now defunct I Street Press:
Blending Two Cultures Under One Roof, by Maren Smith
A Life Lived on My Terms, From India to America Spanning 12,000 Miles, by Indru Kriplani
Simple Treasures, Memoirs of a 39er, by Charlotte Richmond
Never Forget Where You Came From, by Elaine and Alan Cooperman
My Father and Other Songs of the South, A Daughter’s Memoir, by Sydney Sadler

Self-Published with my guidance:
Travels of a Lifetime, My Journey to Find the Missing Pieces, by Geri Jamison
Sylvia Sue Smith a Memoir, by Sylvia Smith
Portraits of Perseverance, The Big Book of 200 Women in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, by (16-yr-old!) Kate Ainley-Zoll

Coming Soon from Hawthorne Street Press:
Lady Leader Leaves a Lasting Legacy, From the Cotton Patch to the Pentagon and Beyond, By Alice Astafan, Major General, USAF Ret.
Risk to Rise, by Barbara Killeen
My Quiet Strength, By Esta Wiederanders
Unlocking the Cage, Becoming My Authentic Self, By Carol Loew

Writing Therapy

I’ve found that everyone has an interesting story to tell. I jokingly refer to Kelli’s classes as my Writing Therapy. In truth, writing has helped me sort out and better understand my experiences in life.

Karen Jensen

It means so much to me to have this opportunity to write.

I wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you and for our class. It means so much to me to have this opportunity to write. Thank you for all that you do to make our class such a wonderful, welcoming, encouraging, productive experience. I am enjoying it so much! You are the best!

Shirley Mouer

I have so much to thank you for

I have so much to thank you for. When I started your class, I had somewhat of an idea
of how I was going to do Willie’s book. After starting your class, I had so much more to
say. I hope it will be a learning tool, especially for young people. Hugs.

Anita Llamas

“Never Forget Where You Came From”

We would like to thank Kelli Wheeler for providing the guidance we needed to make this memoir possible. Without her help, it would not have become a reality.

Elaine and Alan Cooperman

Thank you, Kelli.

Thank you, Kelli. You have given me the tools to tell the stories of my life and the stories of the people in my life.

Elaine Bick

“Sylvia Sue Smith, A Memoir”

…I’d like to thank Kelli Wheeler, my memoir instructor, for her guidance, encouragement and advice on this spiritual and memorable journey.

Sylvia Smith

Best kind of teacher

You have been the best kind of teacher – one who inspires us to learn more!

Regan Johnson

I have learned so much

Kelli, thank you for sharing your talents with the class. I have learned so much about writing from you.

Bobbie Lou Hunt

“Simple Treasures, Memoirs of a 39er”

Kelli, it was so fun being in your class! Of course, it had been awhile since I put pen to paper and I did have a knock-down drag-out with the pictures. Now I know it was all totally worth it! Thank you for all your guidance and encouragement! Love, Charlotte.

Charlotte Richmond

“A Shy Canadian Farm Girl Travels the Word, And Gets a Real Education!”

This memoir would not have reached the written stage without the guidance and help of Kelli Wheeler, Writing Instructor, Author, Freelance Writer and a true friend. I so appreciated her guidance and technical help.

Joan Dornan

I am very grateful…

Kelli, you have been an inspiration and a blessing to me. I am very grateful for all your supportive help. Many hugs.

Margaret France

“Opening Curtains, Letting in the Light and Finding My Path to Love, Music and Fulfillment”

It was the summer of 2020 when we were all shutdown and staying home during the COVID Pandemic. We met weekly and found that our teacher-coach-cheerleader was Kelli Wheeler, Writing Instructor, Author, and Freelance Writer. Through her help and inspiration, this book was written.

Margo Scandella

“Risk to Rise”

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the energy you put into each class.
We come in thinking that no one will ever want to read “our story” and go out thinking
we may be receiving the Pulitzer Prize in literature soon. Without your encouragement
and forward directed prompts each week I would still be back at the ‘I was born on a
dark, stormy night’ stage.

Barbara Killeen, Risk to Rise

“A Life Lived on My Terms, From India to America Spanning 12,000 Miles”

I also want to thank my mentor and initial editor, Kelli Wheeler, who taught what to write and what not to write. She continuously corrected my drafts and gave sage advice, encouragement and inspiration.

Indru Kriplani
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