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Empty Nesting Take 2

Momservation: Convincing your adult children to come home for a visit is like going to a Timeshare presentation. You have to lure them with promises of free stuff and then seal the deal with offers of a tropical vacation.

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California has declared it safe to go back in the societal waters again as long as you are vaccinated and wearing SPF 500. I’ve done some things that feel normal again—gone to Hawaii with 700,000 of my closest fellow Americans, been able to go into businesses and show off my face mask tan, and sneezed in public without everyone hitting the deck.

But what I’m most excited about is getting back to the business of successfully Empty Nesting.

Hubby and I were finally hitting our stride—going out regularly with friends, traveling, going to concerts and festivals—accepting that our kids had found better offers at college than Mom bugging them to play Bananagrams and Dad monopolizing the TV with Alaska homesteader shows.

And then The Rona hit and sent a VERY disappointed college freshman back home to live with us while her brother rode it out in Boise, successfully becoming one of the first to catch and possibly release Covid-19 to 23,000 of his closest Broncos. (Seriously scientists, you need to go to all the college campuses nationwide and do a case study on Covid-19 because they are all just big Petri dishes.)

So we had arrested development in the Empty Nest Stage until this month when California’s governor flipped the OPEN sign back over. This is the first summer where the babies officially admitted they would rather live in a house with 16 girls and two bathrooms and five other guys who will never ever clean a bathroom than leave the good things they’ve got going.

So here we go. Take 2 of Empty Nesting. We’re vaccinated, emancipated and motivated to make up for lost time. Got the Stagecoach tickets held over from 2020, the top off the Jeep ready for the Rubicon Trail, party invitations back in circulation, and our newest Empty Nest friends putting hands in on regular Happy Hours, weekend getaways and raising a glass to “Don’t cry that it’s over, be happy it happened.”

 And also, “Graduate in four years and don’t even think of moving all your sh*t back here.”

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