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Come Walk in the Light

Momservation: Don’t wait for death to get eyes that see.

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Four years ago I wrote a blog about keeping things in perspective; Trump is Not the End of the World. This Is. And let me be clear, the last four years have made me want to recant that statement many times over.

I’m not here to talk politics. I just want to use the tension and division exacerbated and brought front and center into our daily lives as the pinnacle of shame it is and the cautionary tale it should be.

I am a big believer in walking in the light. Life is too short to hang out in the shadows of negativity. I learned that lesson when I was 12, a horrible, painful lesson to learn while still in the throes of innocence. Anyone else want to have your 6 year-old baby sister, who you shared a room and bed with and told “I love you, Sissy” to each other every night, electrocuted in a bathtub to learn perspective?

So, yeah, I’ll take your fears for your 401k’s and your conviction for universal healthcare and I’ll raise you.

Sacrifice a child. Your child. To an incurable disease and watch them be scared and suffer for years but still bravely fight to live, praying that the cure you are so desperately pinning your hopes on to save them isn’t the thing that ultimately kills them.

Be Talon Bonanno’s parents. Step into their shoes for just one minute and gut-wrenchingly see everything you think is so important and worth fighting over disappear into a cloud of desperation for your child to live and not die from neuroblastoma cancer.

You think the last four years have been about politics, but for them it’s been about fighting for survival of their baby boy.

For me, it’s been like screaming into a hurricane to get people to listen:

The noise on the news, the fights on social media, the animosity sowed over two colors…IS NOT WHAT MATTERS!

It’s a 17 year-old boy’s courageous four-year fight to live in the face of long odds. It’s his mother and father’s DAILY pain over those long four years of watching their son suffer but a greater fear of losing him. It’s a sister and brothers’ lives coming to a stand-still so all resources—financial, emotional, spiritual—can be focused on saving their brother.

I can tell you. Talon Bonanno’s family can tell you. The 400,000+ families who have lost a loved one to a horrible death can tell you: None of the noise you have invested so much of yourself and your identity in matters.

When it comes down to choosing a side, or a cause, or an issue worth fighting for—it’s a no-brainer.

It’s always LOVE.

And when that love is taken from you—whatever physical form it takes: a child, a spouse, a mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, co-worker, beloved pet or neighbor—you would give Heaven and Earth to stop the pain and have them back.

That is PERSPECTIVE. And I wouldn’t wish the pain I suffered through, that Talon’s loved ones are suffering through on this day, to gain this perspective on ANYONE.

So please. To honor Talon’s memory. To honor my sister, Sommar’s memory. To honor the memory of the souls lost to Covid-19, or anyone you’ve loved and lost…please walk away from the noise and come walk in the light.

Trust me, the load is lighter over here.

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