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2020 Stole my Son’s 21st Birthday Party from Me

Momservation: I can’t believe I’m already in the Empty Nesting part of the years where you hope one day your kids will come home and visit.

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Entry #537 Damn You Covid:

How could this be 20 yrs ago already?

My son turns 21 this weekend. I don’t know what’s more jarring: the thought of my first born baby suddenly going from diapers to daiquiris or his worry that pay backs are tough when your 21st birthday falls on the first home football game and Boise-wide celebration that football is back.

“You know you don’t have to drink every drink that is bought for you,” I warned him.

“I think you kinda do,” he laughed.

“Just make sure that along with your wingman, who is probably there for evil, you pick another one who’s there for good.”

I thought this was good advice, considering all my wingwomen must have been absent at my 21st birthday bar-hopping bash because I woke up with popped blood vessels surrounding my eyes from retching all night.

Originally, Logan had thought it would be fun to go to Vegas for his 21st birthday. “You and Dad should come!” he invited.

We were so tickled that he would want us to join him and his buddies at this momentous occasion of getting to hand-off your fake ID to a younger fraternity brother—we offered to book and fund the trip before he changed his mind. (Which might have been the origin of the invite, but, hey, whatever works to be included in your young adult’s major milestones!)

But before we could plan the trip, the Coronavirus Pandemic hit. And then the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio we were all going to go to in April (also funded by us so we could see our college kids near Spring Break), was postponed until October 23-25—during Logan’s 21st birthday.

“Even better!” Logan said about celebrating his 21st birthday with us at his first Stagecoach event.

“Oh my gosh, it’s going to be so epic!” I squealed excited he would join us this year for an unparalleled 3-day concert experience and we could still be at his 21st birthday celebration.

But then 2020 was cancelled and everyone sent home without party favors.

This guy turning 21 without me

So at this point, I’m just glad Logan gets any kind of celebration for his 21st birthday—even if we won’t be there to help him celebrate. His dad and I quickly realized there was no place for your parents when the party theme became Boise State Homecoming Tailgate Rager with Fraternity Brothers During a Pandemic*.

*All of whom already have gotten Covid and were fine.

Be safe, son. Twenty-one years went too fast. Miss you more than toilet paper in a pandemic. Throw every third drink over your shoulder. Go Broncos! Call your mother in the morning so I can finally go to sleep. But if you’re in jail—just sleep it off and call your dad when you get out instead.

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